The California Patient's Guide
  Your Health Care Rights and Remedies
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Table of Contents


  1. Your Rights to Continuous Care, Second Opinions, Referrals and Information

  2. Your Right to Informed Consent

  3. Your Rights to Medical Records and Confidentiality

  4. Your Right to Emergency Medical Care

  5. Your Rights to Coverage of Pre-Existing Conditions

  6. Your Rights to File Grievances with your Health Plan and the Department of Managed Health Care

  7. Your Rights to Have your HMO's Decisions Independently Reviewed and to Sue Your HMO

  8. Your Rights to Appeal and Litigate Benefit Denials Under ERISA

  9. Health Care Coverage Options

Appendix A: Department of Managed Health Care's Consumer Complaint Form

Appendix B: Vital Steps to Receiving the Health Care You Need-A Checklist

Appendix C: Sample Letter

Appendix D: Strategic Advice For Patients: Tactics to Use and Understand

Appendix E: Useful Code Sections of the California Knox-Keene Health Care Service Plan Act of 1975 and Regulations